When I first met Yoga Bhajan, almost 30 years ago, he gave me my spiritual name, told me that teaching KY was my work and told me to "get on with it". At that time I had no particular plans to do so and I felt very ill at ease with the name he had given me. Little did I know how much the name and the teachings would impact and guide my life.

I have taught Kundalini Yoga continuously for the past 28 years - classes, workshops, meditation evenings and other special events at Sohan Jalaiai. Also workshops for the British Wheel of Yoga, and teaching at their Annual Congress

In June 2000 the Sohan Jalaiai Centre was completed, since when it continues to offer a beautiful, tranquil and sacred space for teaching and healing.

Having pusued a business career earlier in my life, working in the USA, mainland Europe and the UK, I am well acquainted with the dire effects of stress and the everyday challenges which impact so many lives in this increasingly chaotic world. This further inspires me to share the precious teachings of Kundalini Yoga to bring Self awareness, inner peace and the conciousness that we are all part of the One Creation.