After more than twenty years of lower back/hip/knee problems, countless visits to osteopaths, physiotherapists and doctors, I eventually found my way to Guru Ram Kaur. I can honestly say this has been a life changer for me. Over the past months through specialised and varied exercise programs, much of my chronic discomfort has gone, my back has returned to its natural S shape and stabilised, and my overall body alignment is vastly improved. The best part of all is that I now feel confident going forward that I can manage the majority of my back issues myself through the exercises. Karen, Business Manager
I am so happy that I visited Guru Ram Kaur after experiencing pelvic and groin pain for over 8 months following a miscarriage. The groin pain was particularly debilitating and was limiting my ability to walk. I had previously had my pelvis realigned by physios and chiropractors, but the relief was always temporary. From my first appointment with Guru Ram Kaur the pain reduction was evident and I also had increased strength and flexibility in my legs. The exercises given were so simple that it was hard to believe they could work so well, and the fact that I could do them myself was very empowering.

Following the advice Guru Ram Kaur gave me at my second appointment, I removed the formthotics from my shoes. I had been unable to walk without these formthotics for over 20 years. Even with them I would experience a lot of foot pain after being on my feet for a few hours. I am now doing 4-5 hour hikes with no foot or pelvic/groin pain at all. I would recommend Guru Ram Kaur to anyone. The follow-up support is exemplary and she is a truly skilled and caring woman. I believe that without the exercise set she designed for me I would have been struggling to walk in a few years time. Samantha - Social Worker.

I have suffered low, mid and upper instability back problems for years and in the past 2 years discovered it was my pelvis. Having seen chiropractors, physiotherapists, Doctors, Bowen practitioners etc and even had a course of Rolfing I got nowhere. One visit to Guru Ram Kaur and she has given me a clear understanding of the exact problem and simple instructions for self correction, that I practice 3 or 4 times daily (e.g. 5 minutes each time). This programme has already made a big difference to my pelvis and low back, and my middle and upper back are settling down (not going out all the time, even from walking). I can now see a future of gradual recovery rather than ongoing pain and daily difficulty, and this future is in my hands. I cannot recommend Guru Ram Kaur more highly. If you have pelvic or back problems don't hesitate, visit her. Michael - Clinical Neuropsychologist.
Dear Guru Ram
I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for the exercises and all the advice you have given me the two times I've seen you. My knee is definitely on the mend now, and is so much better than it was. We went on a few country walks at the weekend, and although my knee began to hurt after a while, it soon felt fine again after the corrective exercises. I just know it is just a matter of time before I'm pain free again. (This client had previously only been able to walk for about 5 minutes due to chronic knee pain).

I also feel so much more flexible in my hips. I could never understand why my hips wouldn't open, despite years of yoga - and now see it is because my pelvis was out of alignment. So my yoga practice is improving greatly as well, which is a wonderful bonus! My partner also was extremely impressed with the advice you gave him and we are doing our corrections and exercises together.
Many thanks again, and best wishes,
Sylvia - Yoga Teacher.

I cannot thank you enough for diagnosing and setting up a course of treatment for my pelvic correction. My life was made a misery through chronic neck, back and knee pain and extreme tension. I visited a chiropractor and osteopath about my problem and nobody could sort it out. I practiced Yoga and although this helped it was mild in comparison with the treatment exercises that you gave me. I now live my life without any discomfort whatsoever. Thank you! Chris - Designer.
Thank you. I had been suffering for two and a half years with skeletal muscular problems, and every aspect of my life had been severely limited. I had tried an Osteopath, a Chiropractor, a Podiatrist, a Chinese Medicine practitioner, various NHS Physiotherapists (who told me I was incurable) and NHS Pain Management, all to no avail. I eventually came across the Sohan Jalaiai Website. It summed up all I had felt about my condition and showed an understanding of it I had not experienced elsewhere. After a telephone conversation with Guru Ram Kaur, I drove the 70 miles to see her and, after two sessions my recovery is incredible, and I am returning to my old self again. Neil - Care Worker.
I had a pelvic mis-alignment for four years, which caused me a lot of pain and discomfort. I'm also an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, reliant on my body for work. So, I've been to countless physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, healers (the list is endless and expensive) in search of a 'cure'. They all helped with a short term fix, which left me frustrated, and still with the problem. I began to think that I'd never be pain free again. Then I found my way to Guru Ram Kaur. She explained in clear terms exactly what the problem was, what aggravated it, and she taught me simple means by which I can correct it myself.
To my delight the home exercises that she has given me have stabilised my pelvis, given me increased energy levels and put me in control of correcting the mis-alignment - empowering stuff! I have now gone on to do things in my own yoga practice that I couldn't have attempted before. Thank you, Guru Ram Kaur, I'm so glad I found you. Elaine - Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

I would highly recommend pelvic correction to anyone concerned about back or hip discomfort/pain. I have been to see many physiotherapists and osteopaths over the years with sometimes severe discomfort around my hip joint. Generally my hip has been put back in place and off I go, until it happens again and again, then I repeat the same process.
My experience with Guru Ram Kaur has been quite different, with her mixture of wisdom and expertise in this field I have learnt which postures aggravate my hips and most importantly which exercises I can do to take care of it. I have now learnt that through practising the exercises that she recommends I can remain pain-free. Many thanks Guru Ram. Sue - Psychotherapist.
When I first visited Guru Ram Kaur I was distressed and in pain due to an injury to my sacro iliac joint which had left me with a twisted pelvis. An osteopath advised that I would not be able to continue practising yoga and, as a trainee teacher, this was devastating news. Sohan Jalaiai Centre is a wonderfully calming place, and I felt instantly welcomed and reassured by Guru Ram Kaur. Her ability to read the human body and her advice and easy-to-follow program of corrective and strengthening exercises gave me instant relief from my pain. By regularly carrying out the exercises given to me by Guru I have been able to return to my yoga practice fully and have started teaching. She is always ready to offer encouragement and advice when I experience problems and even though I now live in Ireland, I know it is worth the effort of coming to Sohan Jalaiai to see Guru if I need to. Laura - Yoga Teacher. 
 I had pelvic correction treatment with Guru Ram Kaur to do something about back pain that had been with me for 9 months. I do a lot of running and cardio work in the gym, and I now incorporate 3 minutes of pelvic correction exercises afterwards. I have had hardly any back pain since. (I previously had a lot of acupuncture for my back, but that only provided very temporary relief). Beverley - Teacher. 
I can’t believe after all these years I thought my legs were a different length, and what is more shocking is that not even the chiropractors and osteopaths have ever taken the time to look at aligning the pelvis, no wonder people are in such a state with their bodies! Jeanette
I just wanted to thank you for my pelvic correction session the other week. I have really felt quite a shift both physically and energetically, and have become aware of redressing the balance in my pelvis. I am inspired to keep up the exercises especially since they take little time each day. Such a simple, wonderful system! Pikka - Writer/producer and Yoga Teacher. 
After my pelvic correction treatment with you I feel like I am actually standing upright! The weakness I felt in the right side of my body is going, I feel much more in balance and my posture feels better when I am walking. Thank you. Katy. 
For a long time I could feel that something was wrong in my right hip. Since having treatment with Guru Ram Kaur I have noticed a whole freeing up of my pelvic area which has re-aligned my spine and hence I have no more neck pain and stiffness. A wonderful system! Julie - Yoga Teacher and Author.