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Recently I had to say a sad farewell to my old Saab (almost 19) which had developed faults too expensive to repair. Unsure as to how to do this, I came across "Give a Car" a non-profit company set up in January 2010 by Tom Chance, a young graduate. Since then they have raised over 1 million for charity, and they are going from strength to strength.

You can donate the proceeds of the scrap or auction value of your car to any charity of your choice. If the charity is not on their list you can simply add it. Or, if you wish to give a portion of the value rather than the whole lot, you can choose to do this too and the balance will be sent to you.

Within a matter of a few days following my phone call, my old car was collected and the proceeds went to my selected charity - a fitting end to a mechanical friend that had served well for so many years!

What most inspires and impresses me was not only the original initiative of Tom Chance which brought this great little enterprise into being, but the sheer enthusiasm of the people working within it, and their truly amazing efficiency.

So, please do have a look at the website and spread the word -

March 2014